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A comprehensive and consultative approach

Carefully aligning candidate experience, skills and personal qualities to match your needs.

Highly targeted direct hiring

A crowded market with high demands

In today's dynamic and fast-moving landscape, finding, attracting and recruiting the most suitable IT professionals can be a true challenge. We take these pain points away from our customers by personally engaging with our diverse network of talent to find the perfect candidate for your requirements.

You hire the candidate directly after we have assisted you throughout the recruiting process.

targeted direct hiring

We know what to look for


It takes one to know one

As IT professionals ourselves, we’re able to speak the right language to identify the best people for the job. We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your business and technical needs, before carrying out an active search to find personnel with the specific skills and background you’re looking for.

During the last decade we've built a solid network and database with skilled candidates, using modern tools and channels (including social media platforms and online communities) to find and attract the right competence for you.

Our recruiting process

We've crafted our recruiting service to align to your way of working, where we agree on a tailor-made package of services that ensures that we have good common process for the candidates - while ensuring that they are appropriately selected and assessed.


Our recruiting services


Compiling job ads for optimum reach and engagement.


Headhunting from internal and external databases.


Social recruiting and advertising on all popular platforms.


Initial screening and in-depth qualification vetting.


Online programming tests and candidate benchmarking.


Arrangement of customer meetings and interactions.


Verifying references and other background checks.


Obtaining and renewing working permits.

Seven tips on how to find and recruit the right IT professional

Hiring skilled IT professionals is no easy task. But it’s crucial for your company’s growth. So, what’s the secret sauce of successful IT recruiting?

If you feel like no one is paying attention to your recruitment ads, or candidates drop out during the recruitment process, it might be time to take another look at how you find, reach and engage talent.

Competition for business-savvy IT talent has never been higher, creating unprecedented challenges for those looking to fill technology positions. In today’s world, putting up an ad and waiting for staff to come to you is no longer enough. To help you with your next recruitment drive, review this whitepaper that discusses seven things to keep in mind when looking to build a winning tech team.

See what we can do

An alternative to recruiting is to use our nearshoring services. Find out more about how we can take your operations to the next level.

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Relocation support

We are certified by the Swedish Migration Agency, and if your candidate needs to relocate, we can facilitate all aspects of the process on your behalf.

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