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Extend your technical or support team

Comstream’s nearshore capability gives you access to a highly competent talent pool, while keeping them aligned to your operations in a convenient, effective and efficient way.

A solution for all your needs

After getting to know your needs, we’ll initiate a recruiting process where you select the most suitable team members for your dedicated nearshore team. Once in place, we make sure that they smoothly integrate with your working processes and that everything is working in the best way for you.

Whenever you have a need for additional competence within certain areas, our inhouse recruiters are happy to help out. With our bundled recruiting and management services, we simply combines the best from two worlds.

extend your team
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The best people for the job

After getting to know your requirements, we’ll put together and manage the candidates who have passed our discerning recruitment process.

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A wide range of skills

By working with us you’ll get the resource you need - from software development, QA and UX design through to support, technical operations and management.

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With you all the way

Whether you’re at the start of your project or it’s already underway, your nearshore team will ensure accelerated completion and quality delivery.

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On-site services

If there is a need for longer on-site presence at your office, we can easily facilitate this for all customers based within the EU.

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Why Bulgaria is ideal for your nearshoring needs

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Bulgaria is well known as one of Europe’s leading IT hubs, which is why we have our technical site located in its dynamic capital: Sofia.
As a member of the EU, it has an excellent reputation in the worlds of science and education and has been ranked third in the ‘Global IT IQ Report’, in terms of certified IT professionals per capita.

Leading companies from around the world are now recognizing the wide range of highly qualified and experienced IT talent available, with a high level of English and international attitude. Why not join them and take advantage of the high-quality output and competitive cost level?

Nearshore development

Tailor your ideal technical development team and enjoy flexible scalability to suit your exact needs.

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Outsourced support

Let us build, manage and equip your ideal technical support team, available to you and your end-users, 24/7 if needed.

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