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Living and working in Sweden



The Scandinavian workplace culture is based on a mix of teamwork and individual responsibility, where each role in the group is viewed as equally important, and consensus is generally central to decision-making. This kind of structure relies on each team member showing mutual respect and responsibility for their individual tasks.

Personal life

personal life

Scandinavian companies are commonly known for prioritizing an employees’ private life, driven by the philosophy that happy, healthy employees are more likely to be productive and efficient. By being valued as individuals, staff can do a better job and feel more motivated in their everyday working lives and beyond.

Inclusive and forward-thinking

Inclusive and forward-thinking

Nordic countries are also known for acknowledging and valuing the importance of gender equality and enforcing trust and honesty in the workplace. As one of the world’s most innovative nations, Sweden has invented the modern seatbelt, safety matches, the pacemaker, recent innovations include Spotify, Skype, and more.

Living and working in Sweden

Living and working in Sweden

Sweden is the third-largest country in the EU, with major metropolitan centers such as the capital, Stockholm, as well as Malmö and Gothenburg. Proudly multicultural, rich in diversity, and with a flourishing business environment, Sweden is often associated with progressive politics and generous social benefits: and there’s also IKEA, Zlatan Ibrahimović and ABBA, of course.

Family benefits

Family benefits

Sweden is known for prioritizing personal aspects of life in its labor laws. Other benefits include the receipt of compensation for lost income when missing work to take care of a sick child. Parents are also entitled to 480 days of paid leave per child, monthly child support, the right to work part-time, and a father’s right to take ten days of leave in connection to childbirth.



Sweden offers a high-quality and affordable public healthcare system that is among the world’s best. It’s mainly government-funded and decentralized, and although private healthcare also exists, the state pays for up to 97% of medical costs. Social insurance also helps with sickness, disability, childbirth, and retirement. Dental and healthcare are free up until 18 years of age.

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More facts about Sweden

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Swedes love drinking coffee and having 'Fika', at least once a day. Simply put, it’s getting together with friends, family, or colleagues with coffee and a sweet treat.

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While winters may be quite cold and dark, the long hours of daylight make Sweden a truly amazing place to be during spring and summer.

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Swedes celebrate regular holidays and other celebratory days, including Shrove Tuesday, Waffle Day and Cinnamon Bun Day, to name just a few

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Swedes aren’t as held-back as they seem. Despite their formal appearance, they are always kind, inclusive and helpful.

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Tidiness and organization are important in Sweden, such as forming lines in grocery stores or waiting in turn at the pharmacy. Recycling is also heavily encouraged.

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If your most suitable candidate is willing to relocate, we can facilitate and help with all aspects of the process on your behalf. As we are based in Eastern Europe, we have a strong network of highly qualified candidates who we often assist with relocation. And, as we are certified by the Swedish Migration Agency, we can take advantage of a fast process for obtaining and renewing working permits (for Sweden) when needed.

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