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Areas of Expertise

Software development

Software Development

Across different platforms including Java, .NET, Python, JavaScript, iOS, Android and other platforms.

UX / UI design

UX/UI Design

Specialising in Web Design, UI, UX, User Interactions, Art Direction and all related specialist areas.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Automated and Functional Software Testing through to QA Engineers, QA Leads and other disciplines.

Technical writing

Technical Writing

Technical and Web Writers, Content Editors, Communication Specialists and Technical Documentation Engineers.

Technical operations

Technical Operations

DevOps and TechOps Engineers, System Administrators, Release Managers and Build Engineers.

Technical support

Technical Support

Technical Support Professionals, Help Desk Technicians, Support Agents and Customer Experience Leads.

Technical management

Technical Management

Chief Technical Officers, Product Owners, Project Manager, Business Analysts and TechOps Managers.

Technical sales / marketing

Technical Sales/Marketing

B2B salespeople, Technical Pre-sales Engineers, Digital Marketing Experts and related professions.

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