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An effective blend of Scandinavian working culture and skilled IT professionals, helping companies grow and succeed through intelligent talent placement.

Who we are

A modern company with modern solutions

Founded in 2010, we are a privately held company group with more than 70 employees in our Swedish and Bulgarian offices. By focusing on building long-term partnerships with our customers, we enable them to evolve, manage and run their technical operations.

Our placements in Sweden and Bulgaria allows us to connect two of Europe’s most dynamic IT hubs, where our daily work sees us sourcing, screening, recruiting and placing high-calibre technology professionals for our customers .

Our Mission


Our mission is to help our customers grow and manage their technical organizations.

Our Vision


Our vision is to become a unique and invaluable partner for leading technology companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We stand for equality between people and mutual respect and understanding for each other. Our business is conducted in compliance with all relevant laws, with highly ethical practices at the same time.

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The Scandinavian way of working

Scandinavian workplace culture is based on a mix of teamwork and individual responsibility. A strict hierarchy is absent, and each role in the group is viewed as equally important, where consensus is generally central to decision-making.

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Who we work with

Our customers include growth businesses that understand the value of attracting top talent. Today, we have over 200 clients who are cloud service providers and Internet companies in many niches, including online marketing, fintech, social networking, gaming, e-commerce, infrastructure, telematics, telecom, automotive, ERP, IT security, geographical information systems and more.

Attracting talent is the road to success

From nearshoring and direct hiring through to a robust roster of freelancers, we are here to connect talent to success.

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